17 July 2020

Series 4 

The virtual series continued throughout the early part of July and the athletes were divided into pairs based on their average age grade% and combining an oldie with a youngster.

Each pairing's % was added up so that teams were given an even chance of winning the series. Adidtional bonus points were on offer if athletes improved their age grade and completed the tasks accurately.


The tasks this time around were as follows:

Week 1 - run a 5km on any surface and elevation.

Week 2 - run as far as possible in 30 mins mainly on a flat course.

Week 3 - run 10 miles combined with one runner running uphill and the other running on a trail.


Some 32 runners took part in this series and the events could not be much different , providing athletes with some interesting challenges.

After the first week "Team Lakesman" aka Jo Laidlaw and Neil Richardson took an early lead.  This lead was increased after the second week but there were other teams who started to show some improvements. There were many athletes who picked up valuable bonus points for their teams included 6 who improved their age grade during week 2.

The final race was a challenge which saw teams combining hills and trails. Louise Hopper and Andy Robb managed an amazing combined effort and picked up bonus points on accuracy (10miles ecxactly)and finishing as fast as they could during the weekend.

The final result showed that team "Got the runs" (Andy Robb and Louise Hopper) overtook "Team Lakesman" in the final straight and took the series 4 title. Well done to all competitors and again thanks to Norman for his numeracy skills.


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