Sun shining on ADAC
Even through the holiday season ADAC Seniors are out and about enjoying the summer
sunshine and putting in the miles.
ADAC Summer league race No 9 - Moffat Gala Festival 15k – Great turn out by ADAC
Seniors. James Taylor, Marie Marshall, Linda Cameron, Andy Robb, Gorden Vivers, Wendy
Gass, Ed Woodman, Johnny Minto, Rowane Glendinning, Alan Creighton and Peter Grant.
For the club results James Taylor achieved fastest time in 60 minutes and 7 th place in the
race overall, followed by Marie Marshall then Andy Robb. Marie Marshall was 2 nd Women
overall at the race with a time of 66:47. Local awards went to Gordon Vivers for Local
Vetman and Johnny Minto rewarded with Super Vetman. Well done for a great race all
ADAC Summer league race No.10 and Handicapped Race No.5. – Corrie 5.75miles This was a
new course organised by club member Katrina Smith and judging by members feedback
post-race it will be one we will return to. A lovely route of 5.75 miles a long tracks and forest
in Corrie.
Fastest time on the night continuing a fine year of running was Marie Marshall. Andy Robb
put in a very strong run to get the 2nd quickest time of the night with Norman James
Johnstone a few seconds behind.
ADAC ladies, Marie Marshall, Louise Hopper and Liz Dawson provided the highest 3 age
grade scores of the night with 69.6,68.5 and 67.5 respectively.
Louise showed that turning 60 was no hindrance to strong running by finishing ahead of the
rest in the handicapped race. Andy Robb finished 2nd with Alan Creighton performing well
to finish 3rd. Especial as Alan put out the signs on the route before the race!
Members were well rewarded for their efforts with a great "birthday buffet" afterwards to
help long time member Louise celebrate her 60th.
9 th July ADAC members Wendy Gass Colin Walker and James Taylor took part in the Crichton
Park run. James enjoyed the glorious conditions with a very hot pace to come home 1st with
a time of 18.11 minutes.
The following week they returned to celebrate a happy 100th Park run for ADAC club
member Richard Smith who achieved this at Crichton park run supported by fellow club
members Johnny Minto, Colin Walker, Wendy Gass, Claire Harkness, George Fraser and
James Taylor. James also despite a niggly back and starting from the back, came home 1st in
19:12 minutes. Well done, Richard... doing the club proud
James Taylor then went on the following weekend to take part in the Talkin Tarn Parkrun
coming in 2 nd place with 18:58 minutes, supported by club members George Fraser and Alan
Creighton. Another great performance.
James Taylor and Wendy Gass also ventured out to Castle Douglas to complete the Gelston
5-mile race. With James coming in 10 th place.
Recent ADAC "couch to 5k" beginners group joined in with a Thursday night training senior
members session, to take part in a 5k relay race on a glorious night of sunshine at the
Some great running by all and the graduates were presented with a wee memento for what
they have achieved over the past couple of months.
Head Coach Joe Boardman back from his extreme hot weather training in Spain had some
ADAC visitors join him at his favourite forest in Dalbeattie. Neil Richardson and Fiona.

Latimer enjoyed a lovely sunny evening run with a five-mile route that took in the heart
stone and Moyle hill. Definitely a place for ADAC members to return too in the future, even
after summer ends.


ADAC 5k to Ultra
ADAC taking on the short to the very VERY long. The ADAC beginners Couch to 5k group
graduated this weekend by completing the Crichton Park Run. Weather conditions were a
bit wet, but this did not dampen this enthusiastic group. With support from ADAC members
and the Parkrun volunteers cheering them on around the route. It was all smiles at the end
with a nice warm cuppa and cake. What next for these guys, think a few have the running
bug now!
Ross Wellburn, Ed Woodman, Richard Smith and Wendy Gass represented the club at
the Guid Nychburris 5k on the Crichton grounds with Ross getting a top 10th place with
a blistering time of 19.04. We look forward to seeing if his improving form can get him to
Sub 19 mins over the summer.
James Taylor travelled for a day out in the lakes to Ambleside. Before exploring the local
trails, he put in a speedy 18.38 5k time in the Rothay Park run to place 4th. Sub 18 a
possibility for James this summer?
Richard moved south to Carlisle from his Guid Nychburris run to have a good run round
Chances Park at the Carlisle Park run.
George Fraser enjoyed the "bonny bonny banks of loch Lomond" earning a 2nd place in
his age category at the Loch Lomond 10k run. With James Taylor completing the Tough
mudder challenge at Drumlanrig.
Ultra-news! ADAC senior Neil Richardson completed the 100 Mile Ultra Scotland
Marathon finishing in 10th place out of over 40 starters. It follows the Southern Upland
way section from St. John’s Town of Dairy finishing in Melrose. The distance covered by
Neil was over 106 miles with assent of 4611m and dissent 4546m. Completing this in 29
hours and 33 mins. An outstanding achievement.
This achievement was then followed by Marie Marshall and Louise Hopper who took on
the West Highland way race 2022 and completed the 95-mile Ultra course in 30 hours
and 3 minutes. ADAC club members Gordon Vivers, Linda Cameron, Johnny Minto,
Peter Grant, Liz Dawson and Alan Creighton provided fantastic support for these two
Wonder women along the way.

ADAC Summer league continued with race No7 (Handicapped series race 4). 6-mile
race at Lockerbie.
Club member George Fraser was our host for this ADAC race. Summer conditions were
very welcome around an enjoyable route. Karen Gatehouse oversaw starting duties and
keeping general order to enthusiastic athletes at the starting line.
With Marie Marshall’s massive west highland way challenge just a few days away it
didn't seem to be holding her back any with the fastest time of the night at 41.19 which
gave her the highest age grade score of 75.2. Norman Johnston had to reluctantly give
up his clipboard to take part and achieved 2nd fastest time and age grade score of 42.09
% and 72.3 respectively. Andy Robb got the 3rd fastest time of the night. With another
strong run from Linda Cameron resulted in 3rd highest age grade of 66.9%
Our Lockerbie run was also part of our handicapped series where runners are started off
depending on previous age grade scores.
Our winner tonight was Alan Creighton who is making a very welcome return to form.
Linda Cameron gained just under 3% in age grade score to earn 2nd place followed by

Ed Woodman who's consistent training attendance is paying dividends with an increase
of 2.4%.
Members enjoyed wonderful hospitality afterwards. So much so there may been a
request put into Mr & Mrs Fraser to host all future races in Lockerbie.
ADAC Summer league race no. 8 -The sun was out today but there was a strong wind
which made the going tough for those Seniors who managed to make the trip south to
Kirkcudbright for the Buckland Burn up. This is the first competitive running of the event
since 2019 and it was great to see a good turnout. There were some excellent results
with fastest on the day for ADAC, James Taylor. Fastest lady was Marie Marshall taking
first lady Vet40 and was very thankful, along with Louise Hopper 2 nd lady Vet50, that
there was not another 90 miles to go in the event. Ed Woodman had a great run, picking
up his first competitive medal 3 rd in Vet60 male and there were successes for Linda
Cameron 3 rd Vet50 female, Wendy Grass and Johnny Minto who came in very close.
Alan Creighton was in fine form looking strong in the last half mile after a torturous hill
and Grant Seaton was pleased with his run despite not wanting to see that hill again. Liz
Dawson came in strong to finish first lady Vet60. George Fraser enjoyed the run and
looked good coming into the final half mile and 1 st Vet70 Male. Well done ADAC!
We look forward to seeing where ADAC members will be doing the club very proud next


ADAC on the go
A new ADAC Beginners group has kicked off with a Couch to 5k in 8 weeks. With a planned 5k graduation at Crichton Park run. We have had a fantastic turnout. The man with the whistle, Coach Norman Johnstone takes the beginner’s group each Thursdays at a busy
Everholm track , especially as Senior Coach Joe Boardman runs the Seniors regular track session at the same time. Well done all.
Park runs keep a lot of our ADAC members busy when no league races to partake in.

Liz Dawson broke the 80% age grade barrier at the Victoria Park run in Glasgow. National class!
Marie Marshall finished as 1st female at Morecambe Park run following very little sleep and
a 10 hour shift due to west highland way preparation and work commitments in a time of

Gordon Vivers took part at the Pollock country park, Fiona Latimer at the Severn Valley Park run with Johnny Minto nearly a regular at Dundee Park run. Andrew Johnstone and George Fraser were in attendance at Crichton park run and Marie Marshall was leading
lady at Talking tarn. Closer to home at Crichton Park run Ross Wellburn is getting back to
form with a speedy 19:24 finish. Never a dull moment from team ADAC well done to all of you out and about putting in some
amazing Park runs all over the place.
The ADAC Summer league schedule has been a little hectic of late
Summer league race No.3 - Holywood Stroll, Dumfries. ADAC

Senior members took part in the Holywood stroll 10 th May and put on a dazzling show. Marie Marshall collected silverware for her 1st place female prizewinning performance in a time of 32:14 over the 5-mile course leading home her supporting cast of Katrina Smith and Rowane Glendinning to gain the winning club female team of the race.

In the Female Vet 50 category there were reasons to smile about for Wendy Gass who took the honours here.
Catching the eye was a fine performance from James Taylor, ADAC’s leading man at the moment for an overall 6th place finish in a time of 29:55. There was another Johnstone family showing with son Jack Johnstone outshining his father Norman James Johnstone by 20 seconds in a time of 32:40 with Andrew Johnstone gaining a
new PB on the course of 36:43. Andy Robb has recently dusted off his running shoes and impressed with a top 30 finish in
34:57 Other cast members for ADAC’s starring performance at Holywood were Gordon Vivers, Richard Smith, Geoff McQueen, Johnny Minto, Linda Cameron, Marie Beer Parker,
George Fraser and our newest star Lynne-Marie Thomson.

ADAC Summer league race No 4 - Powfoot.
No one could have been accused of being "stuck in the mud" at the 4.5-mile route set up by
Alan Creighton along the roads and woodland pathways near Powfoot. The summer league race was also part of our handicapped series, so runners were set off at
times based on previous age grade scoring. Johnny Minto found it easier to shake off a stubborn James Taylor than his recent cold to finish ahead of James in the handicapped
race. Jack Johnstone had a very strong run to finish 3rd ahead of Katrina Smith in 4th. Newcomer Lynne-Marie Thomson is progressing well to gain a 5th place finish.

Fastest time of the night was James Taylor... with 29:23 not sure how much further back the
handicapper can start him without having to move him into a different time zone. Jack Johnstone is continuing to improve (31:31) and hopefully with some regular training can
keep making gains throughout the summer. Marie Marshall had another strong run to finish 3rd with a time of 31:59 which equated to the highest age grade score of the night .70.1
2nd highest age grade was James followed by Linda Cameron with 61.3. Well done everyone for some solid running.


ADAC Summer League race No 5 - Hightae (6 miles)
Despite some valiant efforts ranging from just off a Turkish beach for pre-race excuses there
was never anyone going to beat James Taylor’s excuse after his mammoth/crazy efforts up
and down a big hill in the Lake district the previous day
James "just a jog" effort was enough to earn him a 2nd fastest time of the morning behind Marie Marshall who also bagged the highest age grade score of 75.8%. Stuart Bell made a welcome return to the starting line-up and stormed home in 1st place in
the Handicapped race. Some age grade improvement from John Murphy and Johnny Minto was rewarded with a 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
ADAC Summer League No 6 - Carlisle Tri 10k
James Taylor came in overall 5th place with a speedy time of 38:07, followed by Andy Robb, Richard Smith, then Gordon Vivers who achieved 2nd in his age category. Next over the line
was Rowane Glendinning followed by Geoff McQueen and Wendy Gass with only 7 seconds between the two of them. Followed by Linda Cameron with George Fraser getting 1st in his age category position. Our next league race takes place June 14 th for a 10k in Lockerbie. Good luck to all team
ADAC taking part

ADAC athletes have been busy further afield for races not least Richard Smith and James
Taylor who travelled down to the Keswick Mountain festival.
Richard took on the “Sprint Tri” a 400 m swim ,18k cycle before finishing off with a 5k trail
run. James did himself very proud in the 25k mountain run with an 18th place finish out of 408. Liz Dawson had a great result in the Alnwick castle 10k trial race getting a 1st place in her age category.
Getting their trail shoes on Gordon Vivers, James Taylor and Johnny Minto took part in the Queensberry hill race with James achieving 12th place. Wendy Gass took on Kirkudbright half marathon and despite the odd hill or two crossed the
line with a smile. Gordy Vivers had hardly got time to change his running shoes before joining other ADAC
members Louise Hopper, Grant Seaton, Tracy Nolan, Marie Beer Parker and Marie Marshall
in the capital city for the Edinburgh half marathon. All had strong runs in good running
conditions with Marie Marshall getting a fabulous new PB of 1:28:11. Our ADAC London marathon representative draw has taken place. Some serious training forthe next few months in order for our lucky winner Stuart Bell …GOOD LUCK!!!

Keep an eye out for where “Team ADAC” will be showing up next.

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