During lockdown Jessie Boardman (Joe's mum) has been up to lots of things to keep her spirits up. She has been singing online and her rendition of "We'll meet again" was watched by over 130000 people.

Keeping her occupied is not an easy task so Joe decided that ADAC needed some home made hats for the winter.

Jessie was given the task of knitting the hats with ADAC across the front. The hats proved really succesful and most of our seniors have now "bought" one by donating to the Day centre in Dalbeattie were Jessie lives.

The hats fit tightly and can be obtained by contacting Joe. There is no set cost but donations (as of 17th July) have already topped £200 which is a fabulous ammount and the Day centre will be delighted to receive the money.

Well done Jessie !

17 July 2020VIRTUAL SERIES 4

Series 4 

The virtual series continued throughout the early part of July and the athletes were divided into pairs based on their average age grade% and combining an oldie with a youngster.

Each pairing's % was added up so that teams were given an even chance of winning the series. Adidtional bonus points were on offer if athletes improved their age grade and completed the tasks accurately.


The tasks this time around were as follows:

Week 1 - run a 5km on any surface and elevation.

Week 2 - run as far as possible in 30 mins mainly on a flat course.

Week 3 - run 10 miles combined with one runner running uphill and the other running on a trail.


Some 32 runners took part in this series and the events could not be much different , providing athletes with some interesting challenges.

After the first week "Team Lakesman" aka Jo Laidlaw and Neil Richardson took an early lead.  This lead was increased after the second week but there were other teams who started to show some improvements. There were many athletes who picked up valuable bonus points for their teams included 6 who improved their age grade during week 2.

The final race was a challenge which saw teams combining hills and trails. Louise Hopper and Andy Robb managed an amazing combined effort and picked up bonus points on accuracy (10miles ecxactly)and finishing as fast as they could during the weekend.

The final result showed that team "Got the runs" (Andy Robb and Louise Hopper) overtook "Team Lakesman" in the final straight and took the series 4 title. Well done to all competitors and again thanks to Norman for his numeracy skills.



On Sunday 21st June members of ADAC ran the Annandale way - a path covering some 44 miles from norh of Moffat to Newbie. This was an epic adventure for our runners who rose to the challenge and completed the route in just over 9 hours.

Johnny Minto, Liz Dawson and Gordon Vivers started the relay off around 7am near the Beef tub north or Moffat and from there a succession of runners took over passing through both Lochmaben and Lockerbie on the way south. The path splits into two but ADAC athletes had both routes covered with groups tackling both the Joe Graham monument and the slighlty less hilly route via the Lockerbie.

Back up and first aid was provided by Richard Smith en route on his bike. This was a great reassurance and kept the change overs really smooth.

This was a fabulous day of team unity and spirit and proved again just how ADAC is devleloping as a club.   

Many thanks to Johnny for his in depth knowledge and advice in the planning of this event.

Later in the year some of our athletes are planning to run the whole distance and will need a support crew along the way. Details will follow.


Well done everyone !


17 July 2020VIRTUAL SERIES 3

Our virtual race series 3 was another tremendous team success which had varied and challenging events. The weather for most of lockdown has been quite amazing and some weekends have been bathed in glorious sunshine. This series runners had to cope with heat and wind during the three weekends of competition.

The three challenges for each team were 

Week one : 50 mile challenge 

Week two : 4 mile any surface run

Week three: 26.2 Marathon special (including bonus points_

Each week was full of adventure with all teams risingto the challenges set.

The scores were pretty close and bonus points were given to each team who completed the tasks accurately and the age grade % was used to find out the best performances.

Team "50 shades of dismay" were the winners of this series and worthy winners they were with some amazing individual and team performances. 

Well done to all who took part in this series and many thanks to Norman for crunching the numbers.




We caught up with two of our club members who graduated through our beginner's group this time last year to ask them how they were getting on.

Here's Karen Gatehouse and Fiona Latimer to tell you their experience after completing the course.

In April of last year, a friend and I decided to sign up for the ADAC couch to 5k programme.  I hadn't run in almost 20 years and even then, never more than about a mile without struggling.  My intention was to be able to run 5k and maybe get in better shape before the summer - certainly no more than that.  

About 16 beginners turned up at the first session along with 5 or 6 ADAC members.  The group varied in age and ability but everyone was really friendly and incredibly supportive.  Barry, who led the programme, explained how it worked and off we went, the first week running for a minute then walking for a minute. Ten weeks later, I ran my first 5k (without stopping) in a time of 34 minutes and 32 seconds.  Job done.

I wouldn't say I actually enjoyed running initially, but the sense of achievement when I managed to go further or faster made it worthwhile, so after I returned from holiday I decided to go along to one of the weekly track sessions.  By now I'd met a fair few of the members and realised that what I'd previously thought was a serious running club for experienced runners, is actually just a group of men and women who love running and want to encourage other people to do the same.  Yes, there are some phenomenal runners (quite a lot actually) but everyone goes at their own pace and supports each other.  On top of that, it's just good fun!  

A year down the line, I've ran in three 10k races and have got my 5k time down to just over 29 minutes.  I'm never going to be fast, but I am improving.  There's no way I'd have kept up running, particularly over the winter months, if it wasn't ADAC.  Heading out on a cold, dark, wet December night to run round a forest and enjoying it? Really? 

I was supposed to take part in my first half marathon four weeks from now but Covid 19 has scuppered that.  I've more or less kept my training up though and plan to run on the day, albeit not in Edinburgh and not with my friends.  

Over the last month, ADAC has adapted and kept going, driven by the amazing Joe Boardman.  We're taking part in a virtual league which has provided some light relief from the day to day challenges we're all facing at the moment.  Some 'good natured competition' has kept us focussed and definitely lightened the mood! 

I can honestly say that taking the first step in going along to the beginners group was the best thing I've done in the last year.  I'm fitter, healthier and can pretty much eat as much post race cake as I want!  Aside from that, I've made some amazing new friends and am proud to be one of the ADAC family.  

I've also learned (thanks Norman) that age grading means getting older isn't actually such a bad thing.

I was looking for a local club that would help me get back to running 5k.  I saw the 10 week beginners course on the ADAC web page and started with Barry as our trainer in April 2019. Every session was different but always supported by friendly helpful members of ADAC. Once the beginners group graduated I wanted to continue and joined the track sessions on Thursday night with coach Joe and joined ADAC club. I've not looked back and love the ADAC family and have got some great friends now because of the club. I've run 10k races, done cross country runs, hill sessions and now training for a half marathon. Far exceeding my original plan to just run 5k. Even with lockdown Joe has kept us going with his weekly challenges. Thank you Joe and all the ADAC family.‚Äč


Heather Allam has managed what few of us can and that is to run every day in May. I caught up with her last week to find out how she was doing and why she decided to take on this challenge.


Here's Heather

 "During this lockdown, I wanted to challenge myself to do something I never thought I would do. Run everyday in May. I know many of you already do this, but not me. I maybe run 3/4 times a week (if that).

   I admit,I’m not the most confident of runners and am embarrassed at my slow pace,but it’s faster than sitting on the sofa!

  I started with no game plan of such, as long as I ran a minimum of one mile. I did a mixture of treadmill runs, run/walks, track runs, 5Ks and a 10K ( all social distancing). 

 It’s definitely not been easy and some of the toughest have been a simple one mile on the treadmill.

 Have I nearly given up? I’m proud to say no, but I can be stubborn like that.

 Now I only have a few days left and I can’t imagine taking a day off and on the 31st finish this month in grand style (fingers crossed). Progress not Perfection."


Heather completed her challenge yesterday. Well done Heather especially in the heat !

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