Our Winter league dates are now ready to view.

All dates are subject to change in the event of severe weather and all weekend races start at 1030 hours. All races will be handicapped in the usual way but , at present , only ADAC members can run in these races. More info on each race will be made available closer to the event.


Tue 16 th Nov Annan town run 6-30pm   4 miles               ROAD

Sun 21st  Nov  Hoddom 10:30 am   5 miles  XC &              ROAD

Tue 7th    Dec Lockerbe Town town run 6:30pm  4 miles  ROAD

Sat 11th   Dec Brownmoor 10:30 am  5 miles                    TRAIL

Sun 9th    Jan Black Esk 10:30 am   7.5 miles                    TRAIL

Tue 18th  Jan Gretna town run 6:30pm   4 miles               ROAD

Sun 6th    Feb Auchenrodden 10:30 am  5 miles                TRAIL

Tue 15th  Feb Moffat town run 6:30pm 5 miles                 ROAD

Sun 27nd Feb Tour de Moffat 10:30 am   6 miles               XC& ROAD

Tue 8th    Mar Lockerbie town run 6:30 pm 4 miles           ROAD

Sun 20th  Mar Burnswark hill race 10:30 am  5 miles        XC & ROAD

Tue 29th  Mar Annan Town 2     6:30 pm   4 miles              ROAD

Sat 2nd    Apr Crooked Road hill 10:30 am 5 miles             XC & ROAD

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