Heather Allam has managed what few of us can and that is to run every day in May. I caught up with her last week to find out how she was doing and why she decided to take on this challenge.


Here's Heather

 "During this lockdown, I wanted to challenge myself to do something I never thought I would do. Run everyday in May. I know many of you already do this, but not me. I maybe run 3/4 times a week (if that).

   I admit,I’m not the most confident of runners and am embarrassed at my slow pace,but it’s faster than sitting on the sofa!

  I started with no game plan of such, as long as I ran a minimum of one mile. I did a mixture of treadmill runs, run/walks, track runs, 5Ks and a 10K ( all social distancing). 

 It’s definitely not been easy and some of the toughest have been a simple one mile on the treadmill.

 Have I nearly given up? I’m proud to say no, but I can be stubborn like that.

 Now I only have a few days left and I can’t imagine taking a day off and on the 31st finish this month in grand style (fingers crossed). Progress not Perfection."


Heather completed her challenge yesterday. Well done Heather especially in the heat !

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