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Our athlete this month is someone who likes L  O  N  G runs and some of the distances involved are incredible. I could not even think of running, never mind competing in some of the races he has completed. May I present Peter Grant.

"I’ve never been called an athlete before so I'm honoured to be named athlete of the month."


Q1 Where and when did you start running?

I started running about 20 years ago but “really” started about 10 years ago. Once I was bitten by the bug I couldn’t stop. I started running to get fit and healthy after I stopped smoking.


Q2. Best and worst moments so far?

Best moment- finishing my first marathon (Windermere) 2011.

Worst- experiencing the onset of hypothermia 60 miles into a race (Ring o’ fire) total confusion and disorientation.  I carried on after medical assistance and a change into warm clothes.

Q3 Fav. food?

Pasta, pork pies, flap jacks, sorene loaf, porridge laced with honey and banana- and loads more.


Q4 Any good quotes?

 “Head down, dig deep, push through the pain because your reward is in sight.”

Q5 Ambitions for 2018 ?


To complete the west highland way.


Q6 Best thing about ADAC?

It’s the best wee club in D & G. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged, and the picnics are great as well.

Thanks Peter! 60 miles ? WOW !!! A big thumbs up from all of us.




Our first athlete profile of the year is someone who likes the colour yellow. I caught up with our latest Senior profile Chris Palmer and asked him some questions.

1)When and why did you start running ?

I ran when I was younger.  I remember my whole family used to go out for a family run on Sunday morning every week around Kettleholm.  I always wanted to try and be as fast as my brother but was nowhere near him.  I then started to cycle around rather than run to keep up.  Then I didn't do much running, mainly football and when I got to University nothing much.  I picked up running again in the last 10 years to keep healthy and lose weight.

2) Fav. food?

I particularly enjoy a lamb bhuna with peshwari naan bread.  I enjoy food and that's another reason for why I run, so that I can eat more.  When I got my first Garmin watch I used to enjoy looking at the calories burned values and then thinking that I could now eat that many extra calories during the day and it would be fine.  Don't think it quite works like that?  Not the best re-fuelling philosophy.

3)Best and worst moments in running so far?

My best moment in running is getting two third places in the summer champs a few years ago.  Think I managed to sneak in when there were quite a few injuries around the club.  That was also when I was at my fittest and I enjoyed seeing all my pbs go down.  Worst moment was never quite getting under 40 mins for a 10k.  I don't think I will ever get close again.  Also when I ran my one and only marathon, I really hit the wall in the last 6 miles, cramped up and slowed to a crawl.  I feel like I need to do another one to do it properly.


4) Ambitions ?

Ambition for the future is to do a marathon again and seeing so many from the club do longer ultra marathons is inspiring so I would possibly do one of those........ but not for a good few years.

5) Any good quotes?

Can't think of any quotes but I really believe in the idea that there is no such as thing as 'I can't do it' especially in running.  Anyone can do anything as long as you train and persevere.  I think that is why running is so good because you can see yourself do things and run distances that you never believed you could do.  Also I heard a sportsman say 'try and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone everyday'.  I quite like that.

6)What's the best thing about ADAC ?

Best thing about ADAC is that it can really improve your running, everyone is friendly and supportive and that it doesn't matter what your running level there is always someone who is close to you or someone slightly ahead which helps spur you on and improve.

Thanks Chris. I thought "blue is the colour" would have been your motto.


Our final athlete of 2017 is someone who has won the last 2 Town runs and is a newbie to our club. May I present Norman Johnstone. I caught up with him (just) and asked him a few questions.

1. When and why did you start running?

 After having a hernia op in May 2016 I started to try and regain some form of fitness by starting with a bit of walking and building on my distance each time I went out. Gradually introduced a bit of jogging  into my walks and kept on setting myself small goals. It went from small goals to slightly bigger ones when I decided to put in for The 2016 Cumbrian run and The 2017 London marathon not really expecting to get lucky enough to get a balloted place in the latter. I discovered during training that summer how much I enjoyed the benefits that running can bring not only physically but mentally too. Amazing how getting out in the fresh air with some good tunes in your headphones can make you forget the stresses and strains that everyday life can bring. It wasn't long after a great Cumbrian run experience I discovered I'd got a place in the London Marathon. The winter training was tough and time demanding but also very rewarding so after London was complete I knew I wanted to continue with my new hobby ( many in my family call it an addiction) and joining ADAC has meant not only more goals, challenges and motivation but the chance to meet people who enjoy their hobby(addiction?) as much as I have.


2. Fav food: Does Coffee and Cake count??...if not Mac and cheese.

3.Best Moment: Crossing tower bridge in the London marathon still feeling fresh with all the crowds cheering was a fantastic feeling.  

Worst moment: Taking feet cramps with 6 miles to go in the same run and having to walk/jog my way to the finish line.

4. Ambitions: Love to do London again in Sub 4 hours and hopefully keep making small gains to keep competing with the ADAC crew.

5. Fav quotes:

” Run often, run long but never outrun your joy of running."

(Julie Isphording -former Olympic runner)

 "Here for a good time not a long time "

( My brother in law!)



Thanks Norman - now get those headphones on again.............time for a run !



6.The best thing about ADAC is the chance to run, compete and be part of such a friendly bunch of people has made my new found hobby(addiction!)an even more positive experience.




This month I caught up with someone who was a beginner not so long ago back in the Spring and now is a regular at many training nights and races. Here's Heather Allam............


1. When and why did you start running ?

"I’ve only been running since joining the ADAC beginners group so around 7/8 months. I started running as I had lost a lot of weight (6 stone) and wanted to work on my fitness levels so I could do the cancer research 5k pretty muddy,but didn’t have a clue how to run/pace myself.


2) Favourite food ?

“Ooooo food,my 2nd favourite thing . I’ve experimented with a lot of different recipes whilst dieting, but can’t beat a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings.
(Heather is presented with the beginners championship trophy by Jim Buchanan)


3) Best and worst moments in running so far.

“So many bests. Winning the beginners championship, taking part in Tinto Hill Race and loving Park Runs.
Worst was the Annan Newbie Race. I really felt disappointed in myself. Was overheating and that slowed me down. Took me ages to get the courage back to attempt running it again but I cracked it.”


4) Ambitions ? Things you’ve not done yet ?

“My ambition is to run a full marathon and my first WILL be in Brighton, my hometown.”

(Looking a little nervous just before Tinto hill race)

5) Any good quotes ?

“There is always someone better than the best, they just don’t know it yet.”


6) The best thing about ADAC ?

"The most friendliest bunch of folk. Always welcoming and got each other's back ”

(Congratulations again on winning the beginners trophy)




This athlete is a familiar face on the road racing circuit up and down the country taking silverware home on many occasions. May I present George Fraser. I caught up with him recently and asked him some questions.

1.When and why did you start running?


At first I wanted to get fit for the Golf but running has now almost taken over my life. I joined ADAC in 1997 thanks to my friendship with Alan and Caroline Legg.

2. Fav. Food ?


Linda’s Chilli con Carne with a glass of “red” on a Saturday evening esp. after Queen of the South win. (Gordon Vivers please note)


3. Best and worst moments so far ?


Best moment - the double double championship (Main Championship and AGE grade related) wins of 2002 and 2004! More recently in October 2015 I thoroughly enjoyed in the Palma 10km along with runners from over 40 countries.

Worst moment – a bad fall in last year’s Stirling 10km race tripping over a speed bump!


4. Ambitions ?

To beat a fully fit Jim Buchannan (Only joking Jim)

5. Any good quotes ?

“He who has health has hope and he who has had hope has everything” (Arab proverb)


6. Best thing about ADAC ?

Obviously the many friends I have made through ADAC in the last twenty years also hosting the Lockerbie 10km for the last 12 years – putting something back into ADAC means a lot to Linda and me. 😊

Many thanks George - 'mon the Queens !

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