Summer Road Championship 2017 results

Congratulations to the winners and podium places in this summer’s competitions. The tables have been updated and the final results are:

Main championship

  1. Graham McLellan (198 pts)
  2. Joe Boardman (192 pts)
  3. Kevin Plummer (187 pts)

Women’s championship

  1. Ruth Griffith (202 pts)
  2. Janet Priestley (199 pts)
  3. Liz Dawson (183)

Age grade championship

  1. Joe Boardman (192 pts)
  2. Janet Priestley (186 pts)
  3. Kevin Plummer (183 pts)

Beginners’ championship

  1. Heather Allam ( 153 pts)


RACE No1   Hightae 6 miles    Tuesday 18th April


Hightae 6m race results

                                     TIME                                     AGE %

Ewan Fairgrieve              35:35                                     73.91%

Lee Doswell (guest)       37:32

Kevin Plummer               40:34                                     72.68%

Joe Boardman                 42:17                                     69.14%

Andy Fairgreive              42.37                                     68.05%

Andrew Kennedy            43:44                                     64.67%

Chris Palmer                   43:54                                     59.53%

Ernie Bryden                   44:17                                     65.49%

Grant Seaton                  44:22                                     60.29%

Jane Sullivan                  46:10                                     63.36%

Rosie Allen                     46:17                                     66.44%

Janet Priestley               47:49                                     74.35%

John Murphy                  48:03                                     64.10%

Richard Smith                49:00                                     57.72%

Billy Kerr                        49:38                                     59.40%

Louise Hopper                50:39                                     68.44%

Alan Cameron                 51:10                                     57.13%

Liz Dawson                     51:13                                     70.32%

Ruth Griffith                   51:14                                     62.30%

Nicola Kennedy              51.14                                     62.30%

George Fraser                56:00                                     56.34%

Alan Creighton               56:09                                     56.34%

Yvonne Kerr                   56:09                                     54.76%

Linda Cameron               56:09                                     58.83%

Jean Robson                  68:22                                     54.89%


Weather conditions: cool, dry and overcast

Course records:

Men: M Whitelaw 33:35 (2005)

Women: B Dawson 43:40 (2014)

The first race of the 2017 Summer Road Championship took place on Tuesday evening at Hightae. Weather conditions were good and most importantly dry! There was a great turn out for the race with 26 runners taking part in the race.

First home for the men was Ewan Fairgrieve  in a superb time of 35:35, second was guest runner Lee Doswell in a time of 37:32 and third was Kevin Plummer in 40:34. For the women first home was Jane Sullivan in a fantastic time of 46:10, second was Rosie Allen in 46:17 and third was Janet Priestley in 47:49

Janet was first in the age grade charts with a great score of 74.35%, second was Ewan Fairgrieve with 73.91% and third was Kevin Plummer with 72.68%. Seven runners recorded improved times from last year – Billy Kerr, Grant Seaton, Andrew Kennedy, Louise Hopper, Ruth Griffith, Nicola Kennedy and Yvonne Kerr.

Well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you to Jean and John Robson for hosting the race and inviting us all back to their home for refreshments afterwards.



Race 2 – Brydekirk 6.75 miles

Thursday 27th April – weather conditions cool with some rain

Course records

Men – Ewan Fairgrieve 41:01 (2017); Women – Caroline Legg 51:53 (2010)

Nineteen runners took part in the second race in the summer championship. This is a challenging course, made a bit tougher by the cool weather conditions and the intermittent showers of rain.

First home was Ewan Fairgrieve in a terrific time of 41:01, setting a new course record by one second; second was Michael Kerr in a time of 44:42 and third was Joe Boardman in 45:49. First woman home was Janet Priestley in 54:40, second was guest runner Naomi Smith in 55:32 and third was Liz Dawson in 57:51.

In the age grade championship Janet Priestley was again first with a great score of 73.48%, second was Ewan Fairgrieve with 72.57% and third Joe Boardman with 72.10%. Andrew Kennedy, John Murphy and Linda Cameron recorded improved times on last year. Well done everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing you at the next race.


Ewan Fairgrieve                  41:01                                     72.57%

Michael Kerr                      44:42                                     66.59%

Joe Boardman                   45:49                                     72.10%

James Taylor (guest)         47:49                                     60.93%

Andy Fairgrieve                49:52                                     65.71%

Andrew Kennedy              50:14                                     63.60%

Chris Palmer                    50:44                                     58.21%

Ernie Bryden                   51:10                                     64.04%

John Murphy                   53:04                                     65.61%

Janet Priestley                54:40                                     73.48%

Naomi Smith (guest)      55:32                                    59.45%                 

Richard Smith                 56:51                                     56.20%

Billy Kerr                         57:00                                     58.45%

Liz Dawson                     57:15                                     71.09%

Alan Cameron                 57:51                                     57.10%

Nicola Kennedy               60:59                                     59.11%

Linda Cameron                62:19                                     60.16%

Katie Stevenson              62:19                                     53.01%


RACE No3 Hollywood Stroll 5 miles  -Tuesday 9th May.

Conditions warm , dry, light wind.

Ewan Fairgrieve           28:35                     76.15%

Graham McLellan         30:16                     74.61%

Joe Boardman              32:29                     74.70%

Andy Fairgrieve           35:10                     68.44%

John Green                  35:36                     69.90%

Norman Johnstone      36:06                     65.56%

Andy Carruthers         38:14                     62.95%

Richard Smith             38:52                     60.42%

Liz Dawson                 41:32                     71.39%


Course records:

                Men : M Whitelaw 25:37 (2004); Women: L. Hopper 35:23 (2003)


The third race in the Summer Championship was the popular Hollywood Stroll organised by the Dumfries Running Club. Eight runners from ADAC took part in the race on a beautiful sunny evening. First ADAC runner home was Ewan Fairgrieve in a superb time of 28:35. Ewan was third overall and first junior runner. Graham McLellan was second in 30:16 and Joe Boardman was third in 32:29. Liz Dawson was the only woman from ADAC taking part in the race and recorded a great time of 41:32 to take

1st prize in female vet 55.

In the age grade championship Ewan Fairgrieve was first with 76.15%, with Joe Boardman second with 74.7% and Graham McLellan third with 74.61%.

Four runners recorded improved times from last year – Graham McLellan, Joe Boardman, Richard Smith and Liz Dawson. It was great to see new member Norman Johnstone taking part in his first event in an ADAC shirt.


Race 4: Carlisle City Urban Trail Run 10k


Norman Johnstone            44:58     65.72%

Ernie Bryden                      45:29     66.07%

Ruth Griffith                       55:48     59.32%

Weather conditions: sunny and pleasantly warm

Course record (2017):  

Men- Norman Johnstone 44:58 and women – Ruth Griffith 55:48


The fourth race in the Summer Road was the Carlisle City Urban Trail run which was a new race for the summer championship. Three runners from ADAC took part in the race on a beautiful sunny evening. The race as the name suggests took place on a mix of road, trail and grass. First home for ADAC was Norman Johnstone in 44:58, 2nd was Ernie Bryden 45:29 and 3rd and first woman was Ruth Griffith in 55:48. In the age grade championship Ernie Bryden was first with 66.07%, Norman Johnstone second with 65.72% and Ruth Griffith was third with 59.32%

Our thanks goes to Sport in Action for organising this lovely race which was extremely well organised. This race is definitely one to keep in the championship for next year.



Race 5: Kirkcudbright Half Marathon


Graham McLellan                              01:31:12               66.28%

Andrew Kennedy                              01:49:30               57.99%

Richard Smith                                   02:06:32               50.18%

Grant Seaton                                     02:08:48               46.61%

Ruth Griffith                                      02:08:48               55.60%


Weather conditions: sunny, very hot and humid.


Course records:                 Men: J Boardman 79:54 (2001)

                                           Women: T Patterson 94:25 (2006)


The fifth race in the summer championship was the Kirkcudbright Half Marathon. Five ADAC members braved the extremely hot and humid weather conditions to compete in this race. Despite the incredible temperatures there was a great turnout for the race with 169 runners completing the half marathon. The temperatures meant that this wasn’t the day for PBs, just getting around the course safely was the aim by all runners.

First ADAC runner home was Graham McLellan in a time 01:31:12. Graham was 7th overall in the race, 2nd vet and 3rd Stewartry. Andrew Kennedy was 2nd home in a time of 01:49:30, third was Richard Smith 02:06:32 and joint fourth was Grant Seaton and Ruth Griffith in 02:08:48.

In the Age Graded Championships Graham was first with 66.28%, 2nd was Andrew with 57.99% and third was Ruth with 55.60%. Ruth was the only woman from ADAC competing in this event and so claimed top points for the race in the Women’s Championsip.




Race no. 6: Lockerbie 10K – Thursday 15th June


Name:                                                  Time:                             Age %

Joe Boardman                                     41:36                                     72.84

Chris Palmer                                       44:30                                     60.82

Norman Johnstone                             45:11                                     64.45

Andrew Kennedy                                46:07                                     63.53

Ernie Bryden                                       46:19                                     64.88

Zoe Cameron (guest)                         48:00                                     63.19

John Murphy                                      48:26                                     65.9

Janet Priestley                                   49:40                                     74.3

Ruth Griffith                                       53:01                                     62.43

Nicola Kennedy                                  53:01                                     62.43

Jim Buchanan                                    53:04                                     78.99

Louise Hopper                                   53:04                                     67.81

Liz Dawson                                        53:25                                     70.89

Johnny Minto                                     54:03                                     55.6

Billy Kerr                                            54:38                                     55.92

Emma Kerr                                         54:44                                     55.57

Barry Fitzgerald                                 56:14                                     61.74

Katie Stephenson                              59:10                                     51.27

Alan Cameron                                    59:19                                     51.08

Alan Creighton                                   59:19                                     55.3

Linda Cameron                                  62:44                                     54.62

Yvonne Kerr                                      62:44                                     50.82    




Weather conditions: warm and dry but wet underfoot as it had been raining heavily before the race.

Course records:

Men: M. Whitelaw 35:03 (2007)

Women: G. Reid 42:33 (2005)

Race number 6 in the summer road championship took place on Thursday 15th June with the Lockerbie 10K. This was a club race which had a handicapped start. There was a terrific turnout for the race with 22 runners taking part. Thanks go to George and Linda Fraser and their helpers for proving post race refreshments. Thanks also to Darren Foley, Gordon Vivers, Richard Smith, Nigel Priestley, William Johnstone and George Fraser for marshalling, recording times and providing encouragement to runners around the course.

First home was Joe Boardman in 41:36, second was Chris Palmer in 44:30 and third was Norman Johnstone in 45:11. First woman home was guest runner Zoe Cameron in 48:00, second was Janet Priestley in 49:40 and joint third was Nicola Kennedy and Ruth Griffith in 53:01. In the age grade championship first was Jim Buchanan with 78.99%, second was Janet Priestley with 74.3% and third was Joe Boardman with 72.84%.

We are now almost at the half way point in the championships and there are some close contests developing. In the main championship Ernie Bryden is currently in first place with 96 points, second is Joe Boardman with 88 and third is Ruth Griffith with 83. In the age graded championship Joe Boardman is currently in first place with 84 points, Liz Dawson is in second with 80 and Ernie Bryden is in third with 73. In the women’s championship Ruth Griffith is currently in first place with 111 points, Liz Dawson is in second with 87 and Janet Priestley in third with 71.


Race no. 7: Buckland Burn Up  4.74miles

Result:                                  Time:                                     Age %:

Joe Boardman                      31:11                                     74.67

Gordon Vivers                      33:12                                     75.01

Richard Smith                      38:50                                     58.07

Liz Dawson                           40:48                                     70.42

Ruth Griffith                         40:53                                     61.72

Nicola Kennedy                    40:53                                     61.72

Jim Buchanan                       40:58                                     78.19

Alan Cameron                       42:54                                     54.27

Linda Cameron                     44:33                                     58.59    



Weather conditions – warm, windy but overcast and dry

Course records:

Men – R. Longmore 28:51 (2016)

Women – L. Dawson 40:48 (2017)


Nine ADAC runners took part in the Buckland Burn Up on Saturday 24th June. This 4.8 mile course which starts in Kirkcudbright takes in beautiful countryside as well as quite a tough long hill at around 3.5 miles. Our thanks go to the event organisers for a great race with a terrific atmosphere.

First man home for ADAC was Joe Boardman in a terrific time of 31:11. Joe was 7th overall and 1st male vet 50. Second man was Gordon Vivers in 33:13 and third was Richard Smith in 38:50. In the women’s race first home was Liz Dawson in 40:48 and first female vet 50. Hot on Liz’s heels were Nicola Kennedy and Ruth Griffith in 40:53. There was terrific competition between Liz Dawson, Nicola Kennedy, Ruth Griffith and Jim Buchanan with each of them coming in within 10 seconds of each other.

In the age grade championship Jim Buchanan again took top spot scoring 78.19%, second was Gordon Vivers with 75.01% and third Joe Boardman with 74.67%. Two runners had improved times from last year – Joe Boardman by just over half a minute and Ruth Griffith by just over two and a half minutes.


Race no. 8: Moffat Gala Race 15k

Result:                                  Time:                                    Age %:

Graham Mclellan                     59:03                                     72.62

Kevin Plummer                       63:50                                     73.03

Gordon Vivers                        68:22                                     72.62

John Green                            72:18                                     65.63

Ernie Bryden                          73:10                                     62.62

Emma Morland                       74:01                                     62.04

Jane Sullivan                          74:01                                     62.06

Andy Fairgrieve                      74:26                                     61.55

Nick Munro                            74.27                                     55.07

Janet Priestley                       76:20                                     73.69

Richard Smith                        77:57                                     57.32

Johnny Minto                         82:09                                     55.86

Liz Dawson                            83:01                                     68.64

Ruth Griffith                          84:16                                     59.85

Jim Buchanan                        84:30                                     75.68

Alan Creighton                      86:55                                     58.20

Lynda Minto                          91:00                                     54:84



Weather conditions: dry, warm and overcast

Course records:

Men: C Heaven 49:54 (2004)

Women: A Gibson 71:20 (2007)


Race number 8 of the Summer Road Championship took place on Tuesday 11th July. The Moffat Gala race is a tough 15k race and includes a climb up the Devil’s Beeftub. The race was started by ADAC club member, Jim Buchanan 32 years ago. Seventeen seniors lined up for this very popular race which was made extra special as Jim Buchanan raced it on the eve of his 80th birthday. Jim’s race number was very appropriately “1” and following the race Jim was invited on stage so everyone could sing “happy birthday”.

First man home for ADAC was Graham Mclellan in a super time of 59:03. Graham was 10th overall and took 1st male vet prize. Second home was Kevin Plummer in 63:50 and third was Gordon Vivers in 68:22. For the women crossing the line jointly were Emma Morland and Jane Sullivan in a time of 74:01 and followed by Janet Priestley in 76:20. In the Age Graded Championships there were some very high scores with Jim Buchanan scoring 75.68%, Janet Priestley 73.69% and Kevin Plummer with 73.03%.

ADAC had a clean sweep for local male prizes with Kevin Plummer taking first prize, Gordon Vivers second and Andy Fairgrieve 3rd. Johnny Minto took the prize for local male supervet. Three runners recorded improved times on last year – Graham Mclellan, Richard Smith and Ruth Griffith.

Our thanks go to the Moffat Gala Committee for a very well organised race and to the people of Moffat who come out to support all the runners and give the race a very special atmosphere.


Race no. 9: Gelston 5 mile race

                                                                       TIME              AGE %

Graham McLellan      30:00            75.28

Joe Boardman           31:55            76.03

Ernie Bryden             35:19            68:71

John Murphy             36:35            69.75

Richard Smith           40:13            58.39


Tuesday 25th July – weather conditions sunny and warm


Five ADAC runners completed the popular Gelston 5 mile race which forms part of the Castle Douglas Civic Week. Graham Mclellan was first ADAC runner home in a great time of 30:00, second was Joe Boardman in 31:55 and third was Ernie Bryden in 35:19.

In the age graded championship Joe Boardman scored 76.03%, Graham Mclellan 75.28% and John Murphy 69.75%. As no ADAC women did the race the Women’s championship points remain unchanged.

With 2/3 of the races in the Summer Championship now complete Ernie Bryden leads the main championship with 136 points, Liz Dawson leads the age graded championship with 119 points and Ruth Griffith leads the women’s championship with 154 points.


                         Race no. 10 Newbie 10 mile

                                                                                Time                              Age%

Graham Mclellan                                               1:05:12                                 70.68

Kevin Plummer                                                 1:08:43                                 72.91

Joe Boardman                                                  1:08:47                                 72.21

Chris Palmer                                                    1:15:42                                 58.70

Gordon Vivers                                                  1:16:32                                 69.73

Brian Harper (guest)                                         1:18                                      61.05

John Murphy                                                    1:18:10                                 67.01

Ernie Bryden                                                    1:18:18                                 63.43

Andrew Kennedy                                              1:20:46                                 59.43

James Taylor (guest)                                        1:23:12                                 52.88

Lisa Hall (guest)                                              1:23:32                                 62.99

Janet Priestley                                                 1:25:43                                 70.52

Rosie Allen                                                       1:26:14                                 60.51

Richard Smith                                                  1:26:43                                 55.35

Ruth Griffith                                                     1:27:52                                61.68

Jim Buchanan                                                  1:32:22                                 76.13

Andy Hall (guest)                                             1:33:51                                 51.59

Louise Hopper                                                  1:33:58                                 62.72

Art Seddon (guest)                                           1:35                                      54.49

Alan Cameron                                                  1:36:27                                  51.49

Alan Creighton                                                 1:39:46                                  54.49

Nicola Kennedy                                                1:46:52                                  50.72

Linda Cameron                                                1:46:52                                  52.51

Saturday 12th August – weather conditions warm and sunny, but damp underfoot

Course records:

Men: R. Longmore 63:58 (2015); Women: L. Hopper 80:52 (2011)

Twenty three runners took part in the Newbie 10 mile race. This is a challenging out and back route which was made more difficult by the warm humid conditions. First home for the men was Graham Mclellan in a time of 1:05:12, second was Kevin Plummer in 1:08:43, closely followed by Joe Boardman in 1:08:47. In the women’s race first home was guest runner Lisa Hall in 1:23:32, with Janet Priestley second in 1:25:43 and third was Rosie Allen in 1:26:14.

In the age graded championship Jim Buchanan had a terrific score of 76.13%, Kevin Plummer was second with 72.91% and Joe Boardman with 72.21%

Five runners had improved times on previous years – Ruth Griffith, Louise Hopper, Joe Boardman, John Murphy and Richard Smith.

Following the race all the runners enjoyed lunch at Ruth Griffith’s home. Thanks to everyone who brought the lovely spread of food.


RACE No11 Dumfries 10k       Sunday 27th August

Graham McLellan              38:08                     73.82%

Joe Boardman                   40:51                     74.17%

Gordon Vivers                   43:02                     75.52%

Richard Smith                   48:26                     60.50%

Liz Dawson                        51:39                     61.79%


Course records:                 Men : R Longmore (2015); Women: L.Dawson (2014)



The eleventh race in the Summer Championship was the popular Dumfries 10k organised by Dumfries Harriers. Five runners from ADAC took part in the race on a warm and humid morning. First runner home for ADAC was Graham Mclellan in a fantastic time of 38:08. Graham also took 7th place overall. Second was Joe Boardman in 40:51, third was Gordon Vivers in 43:02, followed by Richard Smith in 48:26. Liz Dawson was the only ADAC woman running and finished in 51:39.

In the age graded competition Gordon Vivers scored a terrific 75.52%, Joe Boardman scored 74.17% and Graham Mclellan in 73.82%.


Race no 12 The Langholm Doctor’s Race (8 miles) 

Sunday 3rd September

                                             Time                              Age %

Graham McLellan                             52:43                                     69.46

Kevin Plummer                                56:20                                     70.82

Joe Boardman                                 57:02                                     69.14

Richard Smith                                 68:25                                     55.74

Janet Priestley                                69:00                                     69.42

Charlie Graham                              73:19                                     65.04

Ruth Griffith                                   74:32                                     58.30

Louise Hopper                                74:32                                     63.46

Douglas Anderson                          76:56                                     56.07

Alan Creighton                               82:56                                     52.01

George Fraser                                84:41                                     56.31


Weather conditions: warm, dry and cloudy

Course records:

Men : M Whitelaw 50:45 (2015) Women: J. Priestley 66:21 (2015)

The 12th race in the Summer Road Championship took place on Sunday 3rd September with the Langholm Doctor’s race, organised by our good friends the Muckle Toon Joggers. Eleven seniors took part in this challenging but very scenic 8 mile race. Three of our club were in the top 10 – Graham McLellan finished in 52:43 and was 5th overall and 2nd male vet 40. Kevin Plummer finished in 56:20, 6th overall and taking 1st male vet 50, and Joe Boardman finished in 57:02, 8th overall and taking 2nd male vet 50. Richard Smith retained the medical male prize and Charlie Graham also took 2nd male vet 70.

In the women’s race Janet Priestley finished in 69:00 taking 1st female vet 55 and Louise Hopper and Ruth Griffith finished in 74:32, with Louise taking second female vet 50. In the age graded championship Kevin Plummer scored 70.82%, Graham McLellan scored 69.46% and Janet Priestley 69.42%.

Worthy of a mention are Louise Hopper and Ruth Griffith who completed this race having run 19 miles the day before, with Ruth running 4.5 minutes faster than her previous time; and Alan Creighton who had run 30 miles on Saturday in preparation for an ultra race in a couple of weeks time.

Our thanks go to the Muckle Toon Joggers for a superbly run race with a great atmosphere and for the lovely lunch that the runners enjoyed after the race.


Race no. 13 The Dumfries Half Marathon – Sunday 10th December


                                                           Time                         Age %

Graham McLellan                             83:32                          72.92

Joe Boardman                                  89:36                          73.34

Ruth Griffith                                    117:58                         61.39


Weather conditions: Heavy rain showers and strong winds


Course record:   

                                                Men:  J. Boardman 82:42 (2008)

                                          Women:  J. Little 97:24 (2007)


Three ADAC runners took part in the 36th Dumfries Half Marathon which is run by Dumfries Running Club. This is a very friendly and well organised race and our thanks go to everyone who helped to organise it. The race starts and finishes at Dumfries College and is a tough and challenging course. The race was made all the more difficult this year by the adverse weather conditions – heavy rain showers and very windy conditions. First home for ADAC and fifth overall was Graham McLellan in a fantastic time of 83:32. Next was Joe Boardman in 89:36, followed by Ruth Griffith in 117:58 – this was Ruth’s first time to run a sub two hour half marathon, running over 6 minutes faster than last year. In the age grade contest Joe Boardman scored 73.34%, Graham McLellan scored 72.92% and Ruth Griffith 61.39%.

With just two races left in the championship and Carlisle Parkrun scores to be added, it’s looking very close in all three championships. In the main grade championship Graham McLellan has edged in front, with Joe Boardman now leading the age graded championship, and Ruth Griffith in the lead in the women’s championship.


Race no. 14: Great Cumbrian half marathon / Great Scottish half marathon – Sunday 1st October

Two new races in the Summer Road Championship took place on Sunday – the Great Cumbrian half marathon in Carlisle and the very popular Great Scottish half marathon in Glasgow.



Great Cumbrian run:

                                                         Time:                                     Age %:

Kevin Plummer                              1:28:29                                  74.93

Norman Johnston                          1:42:10                                  62.68

Chris Palmer                                  1:45                                       56.05

Janet Priestley                               1:49:31                                 72.93

Richard Smith                                1:56:22                                  54.57

Ruth Griffith                                   1:59:59                                  60.36


Weather conditions: Warm and overcast, wet underfoot.

Course record 2017:              Men – Kevin Plummer 1:28:29

                                                Women – Janet Priestley 1:49:31

Six runners took part in the Great Cumbrian race, which started at Carlisle Castle and finished in Bitts Park. This was a very well organised race that took runners through Carlisle city centre and then through nearby villages before returning to the city. The course was undulating and was reasonably challenging. The weather conditions were quite reasonable considering the forecast and it stayed dry for most of the race.

First home for ADAC was Kevin Plummer in a great time of 1:28:29, Kevin was also 2nd Male vet 50. Second home was Norman Johnstone in 1:42:10 and third was Chris Palmer in 1:45. Janet Priestley was first woman home in 1:49:31 who also took first Female vet 50. Richard Smith completed the race in 1:56:22 and Ruth Griffith in 1:59:59.

Mary Palmer who took part in our beginners group earlier this year completed her first half marathon. Well done  Mary fantastic achievement.


Great Scottish Half Marathon:

                                                             Time:                                     Age %

Gordon Vivers                                     1:33:58                                  75.20

Liz Dawson                                          1:53:06                                  71.54

Weather conditions: breezy with heavy rain

Course records (2015): Men – Gordon Vivers 1:33:58 and women – Liz Dawson 1:53:06

Liz Dawson and Gordon Vivers lined up with thousands of other runners for one of the biggest road races in the Scottish calendar – the Great Scottish half marathon. As always and despite the weather, there was terrific crowd support for this race which made for a great atmosphere. Gordon crossed the line in 1:33:58 and Liz in 1:53:06.

As well as the half marathon there was a 10k race which took place before the half marathon. George Fraser lined up for this race and continued his great season of 10k races, completing the course in 57:19 and was 7th in the male vet 70 class.


Race no. 15: Gretna Green 10K – Saturday 7th October

Weather conditions: Cool and overcast with slight drizzly rain

Course records: Men – G. McLellan 38:35 (2016) Women – J. Priestley 48:44 (2013)


                                                           Time:                                    Age%:

Kevin Plummer                                 41:36                                     74.08

Gordon Vivers                                   41:50                                     77.69

Joe Boardman                                   43:57                                     68.94

Norman Johnstone                           44.50                                     65.91

James Taylor      (guest)                  45:20                                     58.97

John Murphy                                     46:25                                     68.76

Andy Robb                                        46:37                                     58.06

Andrew Kennedy                              47:37                                     62.06

Richard Smith                                  49:49                                     58.82

Ruth Griffith                                     51:03                                     65.59

Louise Hopper                                  51:03                                     71.37

Grant Seaton                                   53:07                                     52.59

Johnny Minto                                   53:07                                     56.57

Linda Cameron                                59:20                                     58.46

Nicola Kennedy                               59:20                                     55.79

Alan Creighton                                59:58                                     55.20

Alan Cameron                                  59:58                                     50.53

Heather Allam                                 64:08                                     48.18    


The last race of the Summer Road Championship took place on Saturday 7th October with the Gretna Green 10k. Eighteen seniors took part in this challenging race. First man home was Kevin Plummer in 41:36, second was Gordon Vivers in 41:50 and third was Joe Boardman in 43:57. For the women, Ruth Griffith and Louise Hopper were joint first in 51:03, with Nicola Kennedy and Linda Cameron next with 59:20, with Heather Allam in 64:08. Heather was part of our beginners group earlier this year and this was her first 10k race – well done Heather. In the age grade championship Gordon Vivers scored an incredible 77.69%, with Kevin Plummer scoring 74.08% and Louise Hopper scoring 71.37%. It was great to see Alan Cameron back running following injury.

Graham McLellan is in the lead in the Main Championship, Joe Boardman leads the Age Grade Championship and Ruth Griffith leads the Women’s championship. In the Beginner’s Championship Heather Allam is now in the lead. The points for the Carlisle Parkrun will be added next weekend and all the Championship results will be announced on Sunday 15th.


Race no. 16: Carlisle Parkrun

Course record: Men – R Longmore 18:42 (2015)  Women – J Priestley 23:20 (2015)


                                                         Time:                                    Age%:

Kevin Plummer                                  19:38                                     76.32

Joe Boardman                                   19:46                                     75.21

Ernie Bryden                                      22:15                                     66.29

Andrew Kennedy                                22:46                                     63.25

Richard Smith                                    23:15                                     61.94

Grant Seaton                                     23:27                                     58.21

Janet Priestley                                   24:10                                     74.90

Ruth Griffith                                      26:45                                     60.56

Heather Allan                                    30:58                                     48.87



The Carlisle Parkrun 5k race is now firmly established in the Summer Road Championships. This year seniors could take part in this race anytime from 15th April to 14th October with the responsibility being on runners to submit their best time to the race manager by Sunday 15th. About 15 seniors took part in the Parkrun over the season with 9 submitting their times.

Kevin Plummer achieved the best time this year with 19:38, closely followed by Joe Boardman with 19:46 and Ernie Bryden in 22:15. For the women Janet Priestley achieved a time of 26:45, with Ruth Griffith in 26:45 and Heather Allam 30:58.

In the age grade championship Kevin Plummer scored 76.32%, Joe Boardman 75.21% and Janet Priestley 74.90%.



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