Adac is proud to announce the beginning of their world tour for 2021. Yes we’re going to travel the world and we need your help to do this. A course around the world has been plotted stopping off at 48 destinations throughout the world travelling through all 7 continents, a distance of some 51000 miles. What we need you to do is to log every mile that you run,walk, swim, cycle or row. This is a whole club event and totally FREE. You can use an app like Strava to help and we have a club strava group which you can join but please ask for permission if you are a Junior. Your coaches will be able to help you work out how many miles you have completed after each session and everything counts towards the total (e.g. Warm up, cool down). Each week we will add up the total miles and tell you where we are in the world. There are some amazing destinations ready for us to visit including: Niagara falls, Ayers Rock , Tokyo, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Toronto and many , many more. All participants will receive a medal and certificate and there will be competitions along the way too. We will start on Jan 1st and we are starting at the North Pole. We may even bump into Santa on his way back home so look out for that. We're hoping to have some themed events throughout the year to celebrate the adventure.

Welcome to ADACs WORLD TOUR!

Destinations                                       Totals

North pole to Reykjavik                   1457.3

Reykjavik to Torshavn                     1951.81

Torshavn to Bergen                          2369.07

Bergen to Stockholm                        2808.45

Stockholm to Warsaw                      3309.94

Warsaw to Vilnius                            3549.58

Vilnius to Minsk                               3657.71

Minsk to Moscow                             4077.99

Moscow to Nur-Sultan                     5491.30

Nur-Sultan to Ulan Bator                 7080.26

Ulan Bator to Seoul                          8308.86

Seoul to Tokyo                                 9028.92

Tokyo to Hong Kong                       10818.66

Hong Kong to Manilla                     11515.31

Manilla to Singapore                      12997.93

Singapore to Darwin                      15079.56

Darwin to Uluru                              15970.89

Uluru to Sydney                              17316.73

Sydney to Wellington                     18699.55

Wellington to Antarctica                23362.57

Antarctica to Montevideo               25332.99

Montevideo to Buenos Aires          25456.89

Buenos Aires to Santiago               26162.52

Santiago to La Paz                          27346.93

La Paz to Brasilia                            28694.77

Brasilia to Caracas                          30920.65

Caracas to Panama                         31785.83

Panama to Kingston                       32446.96

Kingston to Havana                        32954.91

Havana to Houston                         33881.03

Houston to Kansas City                  34522.91

Kansas City to Niagara Falls          35377.61

Niagara Falls to Toronto                35428.97

Toronto to Montreal                       35745.13

Montreal to Bermuda                     36722.18

Bermuda to Tenerife                      39699.10

Tenerife to Dakar                           40612.61

Dakar to Lagos                               42133.95

Lagos to Victoria Falls                   44396.69

Victoria Falls to Nairobi                 45759.76

Nairobi to Cairo                              47952.34

Cairo to Athens                              48657.71

Athens to Rome                             49299.51

Rome to Barcelona                        49832.54

Barcelona to Paris                         50346.11

Paris to London                             50558.23

London to Dublin                           50849.59

Dublin to Everholm                       51016.56

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