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by Liz Dawson - 13:02 on 03 January 2020

My date with London..............finally.


After 3 rejections from the London marathon ballot Marie Marshall very kindly gave me her club place. I was excited about it yet a little apprehensive because I had never ran that distance before. My training started very well until I developed a hamstring injury (self diagnosis). After there weeks of not running I wasn't any better and seriously considered deferring until the following year.

I went to see a physiotherapist for 2 sessions who diagnosed peroformis syndrome which is a right pain in the butt, well in my case left. I had some ultra soud treatment and went away with a list of exercises. To be honest I didn't enjoy the long runs as my injury would kick in after 6 to 10 miles. I kept thinking that it get better. A friend recommended Pilates to open up my hip flexures and It worked a treat. I found the long runs tiring because I was running on tired legs most of the time and knew I would experience this some point during the marathon.

On the day of the race I was very excited and the adrenaline was flowing. John Murphy gave me some tips, run a straight line and some can't be published. If only it was that easy. I was well supported by Gordon,my personal trainer, family and friends. On the day  I was so nervous and the adrenine was flowing. My legs felt fresh after the tapering down and I ran steady and tried to pace myself.

It was great being cheered on by the crowds and the noise was deafening. Highlights were at mile 9 and 22 when I was cheered along by Gordon,my famy and friends. I finished in 4 hours 16. Following another rejection this year, I applied for Manchester Marathon on 5 April 2020. My persoal goal is to complete it within the good for age category which is 4 hours 30 minutes. I'm aiming for 4 hours 10 minutes to give me a better chance for entry for London in 2021. For those fortunate to have secured a place I'd recommend core strength training such as Palates or Yoga for injury prevention.


Looking forward to supporting ADAC in London.

(After ........with a big smile !)


Thanks Liz - you're a star !

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