2023 Beginners Group

We are delighted to offer a new beginners group this Spring starting at 6-30pm on Thursday May 11th at the Everholm track in Annan. The course will follow the Couch to 5km plan culminating in a group Parkrun in July. Details of the course are below and all enquiries should be emailed to ADACbeginners@gmail.com. 



April 15 2019

Our beginners group will start next week. This is the page where you will find details of training and joining.

The group will meet for ten weeks at 6.30 pm on Wednesdays. at Annan Swimming Pool. Most of our runs will be around Annan, mainly on urban routes, although if there are warm evenings in spring we may venture further afield. Conditions underfoot will not be too difficult or demanding whatever route we choose.

We will adopt a fairly standard couch to 5km approach, although this can be tweaked according to the needs of individuals or the group as a whole. Running will be at quite a gentle pace and we will start each session with warm ups and end each session with recovery and stretches.

Please avoid eating a heavy meal for at least a couple of hours before running, although a light snack will be ok. Do make sure you are hydrated before each session - there are toilets at the pool.  Some runners like to carry a water bottle, and this is a matter of personal choice.  Running shoes/trainers should be worn, and a high vis top will be an advantage.

I will ask group members to make a donation of £10 for the full ten week course, and this will go to the club.  If you subsequently decide to join the club this £10 will go towards your membership.

Please text/phone or e-mail me to confirm your interest and I will ask you to complete a brief form with relevent details.


Barry Fitzgerald

Tel: 07772923920

E-mail: barryfitz77@googlemail.com


April 24th 2019


Hello everybody, tonight's the night. We'll meet at Annan Pool for a 6.30pm start. Temperature will be about 14/15 degrees with a light breeze. There is a 30% chance of a shower so you might want to bring something waterproof. Remember, hydrate, but no heavy meals. We'll be warming up and the doing 10 one minute runs with one minute recovery periods. Nothing too strenuous so don't be anxious. Look forward to seeing you.


Regards Barry


April 25 2019


Sixteen beginners and seven club members took part in the first session of the 2019 Beginners Group on a breezy evening. After introductions and a warm up, the group did 10 x 1 minute runs around a half mile street loop, with 1 minute recoveries.


Please remember to do your homework (same session as last night), at least once and preferably twice during the next week - it will really help you. Next Wednesday we will be doing slightly longer runs over a different route. Well done everybody!

There will be another update on Tuesday. See you next week, 6.30, Annan Pool.




April 30 2019


Second session of the beginners group tomorrow evening. Meet at Annan Pool for a 6.30 start. I hope you've had a chance to do your homework, it will really bring you on. Tomorrow we'll warm up, then walk down to the park at Everholm to do 10 one and a half minute runs with one minute recoveries.

The weather will be about 12 degrees (that's OK) with a chance of a shower, so you may want to bring a waterproof top. Remember, hydrate, but eat lightly. Look forward to seeing you.




May 1st 2019


Fifteen group members and seven helpers took part during the second session of the beginners group last night. On a cool D&G evening everyone worked hard over 10 one and a half minute runs with one minute recoveries.

The extra half minute running time makes a difference, and next week we will be doing 2 minute runs. If you do your homework, and repeat last night's session at least once, but preferably two or three times, your body will soon adapt. Try to relax and run at your own pace - we have plenty of helpers so it doesn't matter if we string out a bit. No-one will be left behind, don't worry.

I hope you all got my email about shoes, and some of you may wish to use the Strava tracker app. You can join a network of friends, and some people find this helpful.

There will be a further post next week before session 3. Well done everybody!



May 7th 2019


Hello everybody. Meet at the swimming pool Annan at 6.30 for tomorrow nights session. After warm ups we will will be doing 8 x 2 minute runs with 1 minute rest intervals. The runs will be at your own pace, and there are a number of us to support you, so don't be anxious.

We will be running in Annan along quiet roads, but please wear something high vis if you can. It won't be too warm and there is a chance of a shower, so please dress appropriately. I have a new hamstring stretch that we will all be able to do.




8th May 2019

Third  session of the group tonight with thirteen group members and seven helpers. In cool drizzly conditions the group maintained a good pace over 8x2 minute runs. Well done everybody.

Please do the same again once or twice in the next few days, and if you are able, try a session with 7x3 minute runs. This is what we will be doing next week. Strava seems to have caught on! Joe gets paid to promote them. See you next week.



14th May 2019

Tomorrow night will be the fourth session of the group and we will be doing 7x3 minute runs with one minute recoveries. Following warm ups we will be heading to the footbridge over the Annan, then heading downriver towards Newbie. The paths are good but can be narrow, and we are likely to meet a few walkers.

In contrast with previous weeks it will probably be about 19 degrees, so make sure you hydrate beforehand. See you tomorrow.  


15th May 2019

Well done last night everybody, that was a good session and you were all working hard. Last night we were running for a total of 21 minutes, as opposed to 16 minutes the previous week, which is a significant increase (I'm  sure you noticed). Next week we will be doing 6x4 minute runs, a total of 24 minutes. So, please do your homework - this should be last night's session a couple of times, plus next week's session once if you can manage it. To improve your overall fitness a brisk walk, or a bike ride or any exercise that raises your heart rate will help.

Remember, there is plenty of support, and no-one will get left behind, so it's OK if the group spreads out a bit. See you next week!


21 May 2019

Tomorrow's session will be week five, and we will be doing 6x4 minute runs with 1 minute recoveries. Meet at the pool at 6.30. As we run longer, you may want to think about pace management. Ideally tomorrow run number six will be about the same pace as run number one, so we'll take it nice and steady and conserve some energy.

This time we'll go upriver, running up through the park and beyond, and crossing over the footbridge (not as bouncy as last week). Just before we reach the pump station we'll come back along the cemetery road. The path may be a little narrow or bumpy in a couple of places, and if so we'll walk briefly. Overall though, it's quite good underfoot.

Temperature will be about about 13 degrees with a light wind. If you eat before you run, have a light meal, and remember to hydrate. There will be plenty of support as usual. See you tomorrow!



23May 2019

Well done last night, a terrific effort by everybody over a tricky course. Now we're doing longer runs we are starting to string out a bit, which is perfectly normal and absolutely fine. If  some group members are pulling away from you there is no need no chase after them - run at your own pace, there is plenty of support, and someone will stay with you. Similarly, if you want to push on, a club member will go with you. It's important that all group members' individual needs are met.

Please try to be diligent with your homework, it will help you now that we are halfway through the course and running further. Please do a least a couple of sessions of 6x4(1 minute recoveries) and have a go at 5x5, which will be next week's session. You're doing well, see you next week!



28 May 2019

Session 6 tomorrow and we'll be doing 5x5 minute runs with one minute recoveries, so we're beginning to push on. I've had a look at two routes and I think we'll do the shorter one this week, so we will be warming up, walking down Summergate, down Lovers Lane, and then heading down towards the shore. We'll turn left towards the end and head back via "back o'the hill" which will involve a stiff little climb if we happen to be running at this point (you can slow right down or walk if required).

The temperature will be about 13 degrees, and as the forecast stands there is a chance of rain as we run - although this being D&G you never know. You may want to bring something weatherproof. We will have plenty of help so everyone can go at their own pace. See you tomorrow.



30 May 2019

A terrific performance by everybody in dismal conditions last night, so well done.We are now running significantly longer, with fewer rest periods. It is apparent that people are doing their homework, and that’s why your endurance is improving.  I was particularly pleased with the way people handled the hills (sorry about the cow poo). Remember, at the moment, it’s not about speed, but about improving your ability to run continuously. Please do the same again (5x5 with 1 minute recoveries) at least once, and try a 4x6 minute session, which is what we will do next week.

Soon we will begin talking about how to take things forward when the group ends. If you have any suggestions we will discuss.

Remember, the club is hosting a Lockerbie Gala hill race on June 11 over a rural 5 mile course. If any of you want to walk the course, or help out with marshalling/registration, please tell Linda, or contact me. The race starts at 6.30, so helpers would need to be in position before that.



4th June 2019

Meet at Annan Pool as usual, and after warm up we will be doing 4x6 minute runs with 1 minute recoveries. The route will be out past the football ground, then turn right along the country lanes, and back through a quiet housing estate. The route is pretty flat and the weather will be fair, so no looking like drowned rats this week. 

Please remember to hydrate and avoid having a heavy meal. You were looking good last week, lets keep it up. See you tomorrow.


6th June 2019

A tremendous effort from everyone last night over a course of about 4 miles. Much of this was running, with a warm up walk and three short recoveries. Most of you had a go at running the long last section back to the meeting point, so we exceeded expectations. 

Really from now on it's about stringing the running sections together and shortening the rest periods so that you are running almost continuously for most of the session. As most of you have realised, if you're feeling fatigued, just throttling back a bit can aid your recovery. As expected we have runners of different pace within the group, and this is fine - we have enough helpers to let the quicker group members stretch their legs and still support those who like an easier pace (so don't think you have to keep up). Please continue to do your homework - this week a couple of 4x6 runs and, if you can, a 3 by 8 in preparation for next week.

We want to start considering how to support those runners who want to carry on after the ten weeks - this could be, for example, sessions on a Wednesday or Thursday  evening. We should also consider whether some of us want to do a parkrun together at the end. See you next week. 


11 June 2019

Tomorrow's session will be 3x8 minutes with one minute recoveries, which is well within reach for all of you from what I saw last week. After warm up and a short walk we will run to the timber yard at the top of Annerley Rd, walk up the steps to the pipeline, then run along it (towards the shore) and back.

Temperature will be about 12 degrees with a light wind, and there is a one in four chance of rain, so please bring something waterproof just in case. See you tomorrow. 


18 June2019

Everybody did well last week, and it's clear that you can run a significant distance at a comfortable pace. At the end of last week's session we agreed that we would try 3x10 minute runs this week rather than 3x9. We also agreed that to ease transitions between running/walking, we will split into 2 groups, and you can choose whether you go in the faster group or not. This should help to keep everybody on the move, and avoid having to wait to bring the group together. 

The course will be the same one that we took on week 3, over the footbridge and down towards Newbie. This time though we will go much further! Temperature will be about 16 degrees with sunny periods, so please hydrate. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


20 June 2019

Well done last night everybody. We split into two groups as agreed, and we all ran, at our different paces, for well over 30 minutes. This is great progress and we are ahead of schedule. Please do your homework, and do at least a couple of 3 x 10 minute sessions - if you feel able, push on and do a longer run without a recovery period. From conversations within the group it's clear that some of you are doing this already. Remember, at this stage speed doesn't matter, just focus on increasing the distance you can run continuously.

Next week will be our last session and we will meet at Castle Loch, Lochmaben at 6.30 (bowling club car park DG11 1NW). A circuit of the loch is 2.8 miles , so we will add on a little bit and do 3.1 miles (5k) continuously. Please indicate whether you are happy to do a parkrun. Also think about whether you want to join the club (don't be afraid) or if you want to continue doing some sessions together to build your confidence and endurance. 


26 June 2019

Grand finale for the group tonight at Castle Loch, and you will all get certificates. Please get there for 6.30. It's going to be warm so please hydrate beforehand (not too much, there are no toilets) and you may want to bring water for afterwards. Marie's promised cakes. Look forward to seeing you. 


3rd July 2019


The beginners group has now finished, and we had a terrific finale at Castle Loch with everybody completing the 3.1 mile(5k) run. Well done everybody, it was an enthusiastic and determined group. Hope you treasure your certificates!

I have sent out surveys, so please complete and return to me. Early indications are that some people want to continue within a protected group, so after this week's break I will endeavour to put on a session on Tuesday or Thursday next week. In the meantime, don't lose momentum - keep on running.  


10 July 2019

There will be a session at the Annan track tomorrow evening for those post beginners who fancy it. The session will be 3 or 4 300 metre runs with 2 minutes recoveries in between, then 5 minutes rest, then another 3 or 4 300 metre runs. These shorter, faster runs get you used to moving at a faster pace, with opportunities for recovery. Warning - these are NOT sprints and you should not go above about 70% or you will not complete the session, or be able to walk the next day. Alternatively, you can run round the track or park for a longer, slower run. Start time as usual, 6.30.


17 July 2019

Great turn out at the track session from the beginners last week - well done to all five of you. Another, different session at the track tomorrow:

2x600 metre runs, with a 2 minute and then a 5 minute recovery

followed by

2x300 metre runs

followed by some recovery walk backs.

Go at your own pace. I will be there but Joe will lead the session. Look forward to seeing you.


24 July 2019

Track session tomorrow will be 2 sets of (a few) 150 metre runs , with recovery periods and a break between the sets. Effort should be at about 70-75%, so not too demanding. Post beginners very welcome, and I will help you through the session. It will be warm so please hydrate beforehand and bring water. Meet at 6.30. Hope to see you tomorrow.
















































Post -Beginners Championship 2017

Race number 1:

1m track race and 1.6 mile cross country race.


                                                1mile track race                                                                1.6m xc

                                          Time:                    Age %:                                  Time:                  Age %:

Sheena Byers                    8:40                        51.08

Julie Bryden                      8:40                        54.06

Heather Allam                   9:10                        46.71                                  18:35                     34.91

Alison Dagleish                 9:11                        51.63

Mandy Woodman              9:13                        50.24                                  18:37                     36.45



Sunny, warm and dry.

Friday 28th July saw the start of the first ever post beginners’ group championship. There are four races in this championship and runners are required to compete in 3. The first race consisted of two short races and formed part of the ever popular ADAC Festival of Running. To qualify for points runners needed to complete 1 mile on the track followed by 1.6 mile cross country. Five runners who completed the beginners running course took to the track. Sheena Byers and Julie Bryden crossed the line first in a great time of 8:40, followed by Heather Allam in 9:10, Alison Dagleish in 9:11 and Mandy Woodman in 9:13. Mandy and Heather also completed the 1.6 mile cross country race with Heather finishing in 18:35 and Mandy in 18:37. The next race in this championship will be a 4 mile road race in Annan on Saturday 12th August.



Race no. 2 – Newbie 4 mile race

                                                                Time                                      Age%

Katie Morland                                         38:48                                     49.48

Mandy Woodman                                   39:34                                     51.31

Liz Morland                                            40:29                                     57.10

Heather Allam                                       42:01                                     46.49


Saturday 12th August saw race number 2 of our post beginner group championship and was a 4 mile road race out to Newbie and back. Four runners took park in the race. Katie Morland was first home in 38:48, second was Mandy Woodman in 39:34, third was Liz Morland in 40:29 and fourth was Heather Allam in 42:01. In the age graded points Liz Morland scored 57.10, Mandy Woodman 51.31, Katie Morland 49.48 and Heather Allam 46.49.

After two events Mandy Woodman has edged into the lead. The next event in this championship is the Gretna 10k on Saturday 7th October which is an ADAC club race.



Our beginners group will start very soon. This is the page where you will find details on joining and training times.

The group will meet for ten weeks at 6.30 pm on Wednesday evenings in Annan and Lockerbie, mainly on urban routes, although if there are warm evenings in the spring we may venture further afield.

We will adopt a fairly standard couch to 5 km approach, although this can be tweaked according to the needs of individuals or the group as a whole.  Running will be at quite a gentle pace, and we will start each session with dynamic stretches (to prepare for movement) and end each session with static stretches (to prepare for rest).

Please avoid eating a heavy meal for up to three hours before running (although a light snack will be ok), but do make sure that you are hydrated before each session.  Some runners like to carry a drink in a water bottle, and this is a matter of personal choice.  Running shoes/trainers should be worn and a high viz top will be an advantage.  Head torches will not be required at this time of year.

I will ask group members to make a donation of £10 for the full ten week course, and this will go to Annan & District Athletic Club (ADAC).  If you subsequently decide to join the club, this £10 will be a down payment on your membership fee.

Please telephone or email me to confirm your interest and I will ask you to complete a short form with brief relevant details.

Barry Fitzgerald


Tel: 07772923920


3 April 2017

  The group will meet for it's first session at 6.30pm on Wed April 12th at Annan Swimming Pool DG126AQ, where there are ample parking places and toilets. Fellow club runner Janet Priestley will assist me. We will warm up on the playing fields to the side and back of the pool after some brief introductions. We will then have a walk/run on the fields and in the nearby streets - duration just over half an hour. Finally we'll have a warm down session with some stretches. Don't worry, this will be gentle and no-one will be left behind.

Please return your brief contact information form asap if you haven't done so (thanks to those who already have). Please wear appropriate clothing/footwear (see above). See you soon. Stay strong.

Barry Fitzgerald 


11 April 2017

It looks like the weather will stay kind for us tomorrow. I'll be at the swimming pool car park from about 6.15. Rosie Allen and Linda Cameron will be assisting with the group. We look forward to meeting you all.

Barry Fitzgerald


12 April 2017

Not a great start weather wise, but it will improve, forecast predicts fine at 6.30. See you later.

Barry Fitzgerald


13 April 2017

Well done to everyone who turned up at the beginners group last night. The commitment and determination from everyone was impressive, and I'm sure we're all looking forward to next week's session already.

Please remember to do your homework - 10 x 1 minute runs at a steady pace, with 1 minute recovery walks in between. This won't take long and will help you a lot - if you can do this at least once (twice would be really good) you will feel the benefit. Use a treadmill if you wish. Any cross-training you do (bike ride/swim/hill walk) will also be helpful. We'll meet at the same venue next week but do a different course. We'll start to tailor sessions to meet your individual needs, so no one will be left out. See you next week.



19 April 2017

Second session of the group this evening. We'll be joined by a couple of new people tonight, so we will probably split the group and do slightly different sessions, to suit everybody. Janet, Linda and Rosie will be there to assist.

 We'll meet at the same place, do a warm up, then briskly walk down to the riverside at Everholm for the running. Weather will be about 9 degrees, with some wind and a chance of rain, so please dress accordingly. See you later!

Barry Fitzgerald


20th April 2017

Well done to the 16 runners and 5 volunteers who made last night's second session a success. There was plenty of commitment and determination and we can see progress already.

We split into two groups with one group doing 10x one minute runs with a one minute recovery walk in between, and the other doing 10x one and a half minute runs with a one minute recovery walk in between.

It is very important to do your homework so please reproduce what you did last night at least once, and preferably twice (more if you're keen). People who missed last night's session but will be attending next week, please do 10x one and a half minute runs (with one minute recovery walks). Many thanks.

Barry Fitzgerald


26 April 2017

Third session of the group tonight - I expect you've all done your homework ha ha! We'll meet at the swimming pool at 6.30 and go to a nearby road course which is a bit more undulating. We may also meet traffic.

Most of us will be doing 8x2 min reps with 1 min rest/recovery walks (this will vary according to your needs). Weather should be dry but coolish, so bring suitable tops, and maybe light gloves if you wish. Looking forward to seeing you later!

Barry Fitzgerald


27 April 2017

Fantastic turnout last night for the 3rd session of the group - 20 runners and 5 helpers. Real signs of progress on a tricky, quite hilly course. Group 1 did 8 x 2 min runs with 1 min recovery walks ( I tried to make them do 9 but they weren't having it). Group 2 did 10 x 1 and a half minute runs with 1 min walks.

For homework Group 1 should do the same again, plus trying out 7 x 3 min runs with 1 min walks. Group 2 should repeat what they did, plus trying out 8 x 2 min runs with 1 min walks. Easy pace! I'll work on my counting. Great job everybody, it's going well! See you next week.



3rd May 2017

Fourth session of the group tonight. Meet at the pool car park, 6.30 pm as usual. Group 1 will be doing 7 x 3 min runs with 1 min recovery walks. Group 2 will be doing 8 x 2 min runs with 1 min recovery walks. 

New route tonight - weather will be fine, about 13 degrees, but with a stiffish, cooling breeze. Please hydrate and have a thin extra layer for the cool down. See you later!


4t May 2017

Great run out towards Newbie last night on a lovely evening with 20 enthusiastic runners and 5 helpers. We're starting to push on now and people worked hard and did well - not much talking though!

Please remember to do your homework, it will help you. Group 1 -  repeat this evening's session, and then try an 8 x 3 with 1 min recovery walks if you can (a slight change of emphasis there from what I said last night). Group 2 - repeat tonight's session and then try 7 x 3 with 1 min recovery walks. Well done. Stay strong. See you next week.



10th May 2017

5th session tonight, meet at the usual time and place for a run around a 2 mile loop. Group 1 will do 6 x 4 min runs - that's one more than I promised last week (because you're worth it). Group 2 will do 7 x 3 min runs. Recovery walks of 1 min in between runs. Weather will be 11 degrees and fine, but there will be a stiffish breeze, no surprise there. Nice easy pace, remember to hydrate. See you later.



11 May 2017

Fith session of the group last night with 15 runners and 5 helpers. We're halfway through now and starting to push on, so there was less talking and more huffing and puffing. People really applied themselves and worked hard. For homework:

Group 1 - repeat last night's session and then try a session of 5 x 5 mins. Group 2 repeat last night's session, and if you can, try a 6 x 4 min session. Keep up the good work!



17 May 2017

Session 6 tonight, and we're going on a riverside adventure. I've done a course recce, and its around the 2.5 mile mark, which is within your reach now. NB. We will meet at the usual place, Annan Pool, warm up, and walk down to Everholm, where the run begins. The riverside bit may be a bit damp after recent rain, but ordinary trainers will be fine.

Group 1 will do 5 x 5mins, and Group 2 will 6 x 4mins with 1 min (approx) recovery walks. It may be rough or rutted underfoot by the river, so we will take care. Weather will be dry and about 12 degrees.

Congratulations to Heather & Mandy, who made their Parkrun debuts on Saturday! See you later.



18 May 2017

16 runners and 5 volunteers last night. We did an interesting run upriver and came back along the cemetery road. There was a lot of dogged determination on display, and there is significant improvement throughout the whole group - very pleasing indeed.

Please do your homework, repeating yesterday's run, and then try a 4 x 6 (Group 1) or a 5 x 5 (Group 2). Last night's run clearly stretched runners, so this is important. We started to look towards the future, so ideas please. Some of you are ready for Parkrun! Well done everybody.



24 May 2017

Session 7 for the group tonight, and we will meet at the usual place and time. The weather should be dry with sunny spells and about 15 degrees, with (of course) a cooling breeze. We will be warming up then heading to the footbridge and running towards Newbie - a bit further than we did last time.

Group 1 will be doing 4 x 6 min runs with 1 min recovery walks (might stretch that a little bit, we'll see). Group 2 will be doing 5 x 5 with 1 min walks. If some quicker runners in the large group push on, that's fine, an ADAC senior will go with them - there's no pressure to keep up with them. Run at your own pace, you're all doing well! See you later. Barry


25 May 2017

Session 7 of the group went really well last night, with 15 runners and 6 ADAC Seniors. We had a very positive run in good coditions down towards Newbie. As always the effort and commitment were outstanding, and the overall pace was quite impressive.

Tip: now we are running for longer you might want to think about pace management. If you set off too quickly, you may find yourself running on empty for the last few minutes. This is going to become more important as you run longer and have less recovery over the next few weeks.

Group 1, repeat the session and try an 8 x 3. Group 2, repeat the session and try a 6 x 2. Keep up the good work, you're looking like runners!


31 May 2017

Session 8 tonight, meet at the usual time and place. After warm up we will have a brisk walk out to the start point towards the football ground at Lady St.

The run will 3 x 8 for Group 1, 4 x 6 for Group 2 - course will be along the "back lane" (by request) then right through the underpass and back along towards the football ground. The running will be on public roads, so high vis please.

Please think about pace management, your last run should be about the same as your first. If a faster group push on, then an ADAC Senior will go with them, so run at your own pace! Weather will be 17 degrees, dry , with little wind (allegedly)so please hydrate. See you later!


1 June 2017

Session 8 last night with 17 runners and 7 volunteers over a 3+ mile course in very warm conditions. Really solid performances all round with some impressive front running. Everybody ran for between 28 & 32 mins in total, and we are ahead of schedule, a great achievement.

There is a suggestion that we do a run round Castle Loch next week, which would be interesting. It's a 2.8 mile course which requires steady (not fast) running in a lovely setting. I can pick up 4 people from Annan any time after 6.00, and drop them off. Speedy feedback by F/B, email or text would be appreciated.

We discussed several options for the future of the group, and I will email you a survey, so please respond. Please do your homework, you don't need me to spell it out now, just stretch yourselves. It's looking good, well done.



7 June 2017

Session 9 tonight will be a gentle run around lovely Castle Loch, Lochmaben. Meet at the Bowling Club Car Park at 6.30 - the sign is next to the Lochmaben town sign on the B7020 coming in from Dalton.


Group 1 can do 3 x 10 mins hopefully (we'll see how you go) and Group 2 should aim for 3 x 8 mins. I'll be at Annan Pool for just after 6.00 to pick people up (2 so far). Phone me if you wish - 07772923920. Weather will be 13 degrees and dry with the usual D&G 18 mph breeze to freshen us up. If you have light trail shoes wear them, if not road shoes will be fine. See you later.



8June 2017

Session 9 of the Group last night and 18 runners and 6 volunteers took part. We all made it round Castle Loch, which is about 2.8 miles, so well done everyone. The pace was pretty good, and we had a couple of fallers, so at the end we didn't look quite as composed as in the pre-run photo.

The improvement throughout the group has been remarkable, and your homework is showing. Next week is the final push and we will look to do 2 x 15 mins at least (some of you could go further - let's see). Please complete your survey forms and return ASAP! Let's have a big turnout next week and go out with a bang. I will pick a route and post at the beginning of the week. Great progress!



13 June 2017

We will revert to our normal meeting place tomorrow night at Annan Pool, 6.30. Please complete and send or bring your survey forms if you haven't already (thanks to those who have). Details of the route tomorrow a.m. - it will be less bumpy than last week!



14 June 2017

After warm up and a short walk, we'll run down Lovers Walk, then Hillend Rd, turn right up towards Annan, and right into Port St heading for the river. This is about 1.2 miles - I have a time in mind. 

Crossing the bridge at speed (I want to feel a bounce) we'll head towards Newbie and see how far we get. Nice and steady! No fixed targets, we'll just see how we go. I'll make some suggestions tonight. No-one will be left behind, there are plenty of volunteers.

Please bring your surveys, you'll get your certificates tonight. Weather will be dry, 16 degrees, so please hydrate. See you later!




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